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Women Make Film: Jacquline Audry

Women Make Film : A New Road Movie through Cinema - deel 3

Mark Cousins / GB, 2018 / 118 min.

Part three of a vertiginous trip through the history of cinema as seen through the eyes of the greatest of female directors. Our guides are Tilda Swinton, Jane Fonda, Debra Winger, Adjoa Andoh, Kerry Fox, Thandie Newton and Sharmila Tagore. Love, life, humour, politics and death all feature in this epic, 14-hour road journey screened in seven instalments.

poster Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through Cinema (Mark Cousins, GB 2019)

Mark Cousins strides through the alternative history of cinema, showing almost seven hundred clips from films by 183 female directors, the majority of whom have remained fairly unknown to us.

Adult / Child The famous movie genres – war pictures, westerns, etc – are about adults, but in this chapter, Jane Fonda narrates the story of 18 films about children in film, from Germany, Belgium, Mongolia, Sweden, Russia, Canada, Senegal, Argentina and Scotland.

Economy We’ve all seen overblown films, but what are the visual and story lessons we can learn from Claire Denis, María Luisa Bemberg, Kinuyo Tanaka, Agnes Varda, Valeska Grisbach and Desiree Akhavan about keeping things simple?

Editing How have filmmakers like Ava Du Vernay and Kathryn Bigelow in America, Sarah Maldorer in Mozambique, Leni Riefenstahl in Germany, Drahomira Vihanova in the Czech Republic, and their editors, pushed the techniques of editing to their limits?

POV Is cinema the art of point of view? Jocelyn Moorhouse, Ida Lupino, Norway’s Edith Carlmar, Sofia Coppola, Italy’s Liliana Cavani, Kelly Reichart, the great Larisa Shepitko, Jennifer Kent and other great directors demonstrate the art of POV in films.

Close up If close ups give movies their intensity, films from Belgium, Hungary, Australia, Finland, China, America, France, Germany and Ukraine, shot over ten decades, show how best to do that intensity.

Dream One of the great movie stars, India’s Sharmila Tagore, narrates this bold chapter that looks at dreams in films, from Wayne’s World, to experimental film, to Jane Campion, Sally Potter, Bulgaria and silent movies.

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Mark Cousins

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Women Make Film : A New Road Movie through Cinema - deel 3


118 min.


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