There is Something about my Family - Research Lab - AKV/St.Joost

Every two weeks EYE invites a Dutch art academy to present the work of selected students in a special Research Lab.The AKV/St Joost research lab took off with a two-day workshop by the artistic duo Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen.

Breure and Van Hulzen provided the starting point for the EYE project by connecting the theme of ‘There is something about my family’ with Ingmar Bergman’s script for ‘Scenes from a Marriage’.

Each student creates new work on the basis of a fragment from the first forty pages of the script, consisting of three long dialogue scenes. All options are open to them, whether it’s photography, performance, text, film, found footage etc. This research lab is led by filmmaker and teacher Noud Heerkens.

Not all students have experience working with the moving image or cinema, whereas others are practised filmmakers. To share their knowledge, they will engage in a 48-hour workshop in rural Ommen in the east of the Netherlands, thereby literally creating their own lab.

Screened on the occasion of the exhibition Close-Up. A New Generation of Film and Video Artists in the Netherlands.

This presentation takes place in the exhibition space on the second floor.

participating students
  • Ruben Üvez
  • Elena Capra
  • Sheng Wen Lo
  • Katarina Jazbec
  • Lou Muuse
  • Nikos Kostopoulos
  • Lorelei Heyligers
  • Corine Aalvanger
  • Hannah Kalverda
  • Sarka Vancurova
  • Lavinia Xausa
  • Martijn van Mierlo
  • Matija Pekic