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6th Shortcutz Amsterdam Annual Awards

It's the 6th Shortcutz Amsterdam Annual Awards! For the sixth year running, we celebrate the best of Dutch short film at Eye Filmmuseum.

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what to expect this year

Every year Shortcutz Amsterdam hosts a different type of awards ceremony by inviting the most inspiring film personalities to give a speech to inspire the new generation to create more and better movies. It”s our way of trying to create an awards ceremony where everybody wins something, at the very least some inspiration. This year we can count on some inspiring words from:

Emmy winner RENÉ MIOCH will co-host this event.

More epic names will join this lineup, we will keep you informed through our website and Facebook page.

The Shortcutz Amsterdam Career Award is given yearly to a film personality whose work has contributed to the development and prestige of Dutch film at home and abroad. This year”s recipient is director FRANS WEISZ. Actor GÉZA WEISZ will introduce his father as he receives the Career Award.

After the Gala, you can join us at Eye café for some mind-blowing performances and a DJ act. So do not forget to bring your dancing shoes. Join us in the Eye café from 23:30 onwards for some serious dance moves. More info about the after-party lineup will be revealed next week.


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