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Alice in wonderland 1903

Alice in Wonderland Openingsavond

Kick-off of Alice, The Virtual Reality Play, an absurdist VR experience by the French DV Group, to be seen at Eye from 22 December 2019 through 4 January 2020. On this opening night, we will venture down the rabbit hole with a talk and plenty of film clips.

Alice in wonderland 2010

Tonight the film theatre transforms into Wonderland: Eye”s programme Through the Looking Glass includes both early as well as recent Alice film adaptations, together with work by directors who were inspired by the idea of displacement, time paradoxes and encounters with fantastic creatures.

The evening includes a conversation with one of the interactive actors on developing and playing Alice, The Virtual Reality Play.

Lewis Carroll as photographer

Another special guest on this opening night is Lindsay Smith, author of Lewis Carroll - Photography on the Move. She will present a talk on Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell, the girl who was Lewis” favourite model and the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland. She and her sisters were also told all the stories.

Although his fame now mainly rests on being the author of the Alice books, Lewis Carroll was at least as committed to photography as he was to writing. Lewis Carroll: Photography on the Move shows that many of the interests featured in Carroll”s books are also to be found in his photography, especially the boundless imagination of children.

odd jobs

Also screening is the very first Alice film, Alice in Wonderland (1903, Cecil Hepworth, Percy Stow). With a length of 8 minutes, Alice in Wonderland was in 1903 the longest film ever produced in Great Britain.

Alice was played by the studio secretary Mabel Clark, who had been contracted to do odd jobs for the studio. In the absence of any professional actors, all studio assistants were given roles to play, as well as director Hepworth himself, who played a toad. Hepworth insisted that the images remained faithful to the drawings of Sir John Tenniel, the original illustrator of Lewis Carroll”s classic children”s book.

This evening we will also look ahead at the Alice programme with film clips introduced by Eye programmers Anna Abrahams and Ronald Simons.


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