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still Als uw gat maar lacht (Dick Verdult, NL 2021)

Als Uw Gat Maar Lacht

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Dick Verdult / NL, 2023 / 93 min.

Sixteen-year-old Amy gets everything she wants – except for attention. As a protest, she puts together a play about her fantastically wealthy family. She spares no one, and the whole thing gets totally out of hand. Artist Dick Verdult’s debut feature film is a black comedy about the (recently) very richest.

poster Als uw gat maar lacht (Dick Verdult, NL 2021)
If Yes, Okay is a black comedy and starts as a portrait of an extremely rich family, dwelling in their egoistic Hall of Mirrors. The 15-year old daughter, Amy, tries to escape from this toxic environment by carrying out her new extravagant whim, a Kabuki-style thea-tre, and she is prepared to go beyond the commonly accepted limits.

Having killed her father -as a temporary solution- will not stop her from slipping away into the night and stepping into a whole new level of insanity. 'Acid Realism', is the keywpord artist Dick Verdult prefers for his baroque, abundant and musically driven style of filming and storytelling.

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Dick Verdult

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Als Uw Gat Maar Lacht


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still from Cloacinae Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, NL 2017)

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still Als uw gat maar lacht (Dick Verdult, NL 2021)
still Als uw gat maar lacht (Dick Verdult, NL 2021)
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