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still Anatomy of a Fall (Justine Triet, FR 2023)

Anatomy of a Fall

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Justine Triet / FR, 2023 / 150 min.

Cannes Golden Palm winner is a multi-layered courtroom drama and thriller with the institution of marriage as the accused providing a star turn for Sandra Hüller, playing a novelist suspected of murdering her author husband.

poster Anatomy of a Fall (Justine Triet, FR 2023)
11-year old Daniël finds his father inn the sow, in a pool of blood. What happened? That, ostensibly simple, question is what Justine Triel’s courtroom drama Anatomy of a Fall (original title: Anatomie d’une chute) attempts to answer.


Scenes from this movie may cause fearThis movie contains scenes with alcohol and/or drug usePersons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adultThis movie contains foul language


Justine Triet

Production year




Original title

Anatomie d'une chute


150 min.


French, English, German





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still Anatomy of a Fall (Justine Triet, FR 2023)
still Anatomy of a Fall (Justine Triet, FR 2023)
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