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Johan Nijenhuis / NL, 2015 / 90 min.

Mischievous young Wim would like nothing better than going to school, but the nasty head mistress of the orphanage where he lives forces him to work in a factory along with the other orphans in her care. When Wim manages to escape he ends up in the country, together with a  cheeky monkey. It’s the start of a race against time, full of exciting adventures, monkey tricks and new friendships.

Apenstreken 57092424 ps 1 s high

The nine-year-old orphan Wim dreams of going to school. Instead, he has to work hard in the illegal broom factory together with the other orphans. All children are hoping for the School Act to be implemented, which will send them to school at last. When Wim manages to escape, a little girl called Jet sees to it he can hide on their farm.

In the meantime the hunt is on for Wim, who now has to avoid getting caught not only by the mean head mistress but also by the police. As he is looking for a place to stay, Wim runs into all sorts of adventures. He also finds new friends, Jet and Gijs, and they get up to a lot of mischief. Will the School Act be passed so that all children under the age of twelve, such as Wim, are finally able to go to school? And can he stay on the farm? Or does Wim have to go back to the factory, the orphanage and the mean head mistress? A film for all ages.



Johan Nijenhuis

Production year




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90 min.


DCP - encrypted

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