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Arnulf Rainer. Übermaler

A programme on the renowned Austrian painter Arnulf Rainer, who is the focus of a major retrospective show opening in the Cobra Museum of Modern Art in Amstelveen on 3 May. Not only the painter will be present in EYE, but also Rainer expert Rudi Fuchs and curator Maarten Bertheux. The programme includes the Dutch premiere of a short documentary film on Rainer: Maler Rainer. Ein Altersporträt (2014). 


Rainer will attend the screening in person and talk to Rudi Fuchs, whom he has known for many years. Fuchs curated the exhibition in the Cobra Museum together with Maarten Bertheux. Fuchs and Bertheux, respectively former director and former curator of the Stedelijk Museum, will discuss their choice of works for the exhibition, which brings together some 80 works.

The programme also includes two portraits of Rainer, both made by Herbert Brödl. In an excerpt of the documentary Arnulf Rainer Sternsucher - Star Seeker (1994) we follow Fuchs on a visit to Rainer”s studio. Maler Rainer. Ein Altersporträt (2014), shows the painter at work some twenty years later.


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