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Eye on Art: Babeth van Loo: Encounters

Babeth van Loo: Encounters

Eye on Art: Babeth van Loo - Encounters

She was inevitably in the right place at the right time to meet artists who breathed the spirit of their age. Babeth Mondini-VanLoo made an international name for herself thanks to the films she made with Joseph Beuys. This evening is dedicated to Babeth’s encounters with artists who have shaped her life and work.

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Babeth Mondini-VanLoo (1948, Netherlands) is a media artist, filmmaker and producer. She studied film and fine arts at the San Francisco Art Institute and performance and sculpture under the supervision of Joseph Beuys in Düsseldorf. Watching her work, from her early punk days to her latest Buddhist involvements, you feel Babeth has been inspired by Joseph Beuys credo: 'no separation between art and life'. The people that inspired her are essential elements in her oeuvre.

In between the films Eye programmer Anna Abrahams will interview Babeth about the films and the people that are portrayed.


  • Beuys Sociale Sculptuur & Das Kapital (Babeth Mondini-VanLoo, 1980, 15')

    Babeth juxtaposes two screens of film material that she filmed on 16mm with her teacher Joseph Beuys at the Venice Biennale and in the Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum in 1979 and 1980. In this film installation, she presents Beuys’ extended notion of art next to his view on the democratisation of money. Beuys: ‘When I say that everyone is an artist, I'm referring to that art that one could call social art, a new discipline of art.’ Also on view as two-channel installation in Eye's Project Space between 27 June and 3 July (with thanks to Sony).

  • Jules Deelder – Dead Alive (Babeth Mondini-VanLoo, 1979/2022, 10')

    Mondini-VanLoo's recently finished work on the spoken word poet and writer Jules Deelder: Jules Deelder: Dead-Alive (1979 – 2022), a reworking of unedited footage shot in 1980 and finished in 2021 for the online version of IFFR. The narrative of Jules Deelder - Dead Alive conceived as an installation piece and/or short experimental film enfolds by depicting Jules Deelder, Holland's legendary performing poet and author, who gradually changes in poetic visuals from a living icon into the carrier of his death mask. The 'screenplay' for the film is created through the process of trial and error with image and sound, and the surprises it produces give direction to the narrative.

  • Chance versus Causality: The New Realists (Babeth Mondini-VanLoo, 1979)

    A film about chance, with the artist Daniel Spoerri, originally intended to be screened as a double-screen 16mm projection, with the soundtrack by cult band Cabaret Voltaire. Instructed by the director to take the chance principle as a point of departure part of it was played with closed eyes. This evening will see the premiere of the new digital restoration of this film, introduced by Eye curator Simona Monizza and Babeth Mondini VanLoo.

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still from Cloacinae Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, NL 2017)

Why in Eye

Babeth’s free, energetic and associative experimental film meetings are unique in Dutch cinematic history.

Eye on Art: Babeth van Loo: Encounters
Eye on Art: Babeth van Loo: Encounters
Babeth Mondini-VanLoo

Meet the Archive

For Meet the Archive 2021, Eye's curator of experimental film Simona Monizza spoke at length with Babeth Mondini-VanLoo about the conservation of a number of her films.

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