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Bad news sells best - cynisme, nepnieuws en manipulatie in Ace in the Hole

A special on Billy Wilder’s Ace in the Hole, a prophetic film about the future of journalism. With an introduction (in Dutch) by Dan Hassler-Forest (University of Utrecht) and the screening of Ace in the Hole.

1951 ace in the hole

“Bad news sells best. 'Cause good news is no news!(Charles Tatum in Ace in the Hole)

ace in the hole

Ace in the Hole is an uncompromising attack on the manipulative role of the media in American society and the novelty-seeking media consumer. Kirk Douglas stars as Chuck Tatum, a has-been journalist hoping to strike lucky in Albuquerque. He hits upon the story of a man trapped in a cave collapse. He manages to stall the rescue operation for a week, so he can cash in on the story. Billy Wilder portrays him as a money-grubber who will do anything for a scoop. Wilder, however, also holds up a grim mirror to us, the public hungry for sensational news.


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Sweet & Sour: The Films of Billy Wilder

The legendary screenwriter and Hollywood director Billy Wilder was a brilliant word artist. His Oscar-winning classics are brimming with irresistible and cynical humour: incredibly funny, bold and incisive.

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