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Keep an Eye 2021: Blok C - Man In De Kas

Blok C

Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival 2021

The graduation films of the students class of 2021 of the Netherlands Film Academy. Block C: Exolvo, COCOON, The Oldman’s Greenhouse, A Quiet Kind of Thunder.

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  • Keep an Eye 2021: Blok C - Exolvo


    Animation, 3’

    After an arduous journey through a dark world, a knight arrives at the end of his journey, a mysterious temple in the desert. Exolvo is a 3D animation short, in the style of the Dark Fantasy genre. This project originated from a collaboration between Visual Effects & Immersive Media and Sound Design students.

    Directors Leeloo Bénézra, Bas Gijzen Production Franca Wisselink Research & Development Camiel Povel, Diede Bouman Sound Design Bas Gijzen Re-Recording Mixer Bas Gijzen Editor Leeloo Bénézra Visual Effects Supervisors Leeloo Bénézra, Franca Wisselink Visual Effects Artists Gijs de Groot, Menno Weitmann, Diede Bouman, Bo Kamphues, Eline Oppewal, Mick Geldorp, Jorn Boven, Pieter Schillemans, Victor Frerichs, Michael van Dalen

  • Keep an Eye 2021: Blok C - Cocon


    Fiction, 21’

    When puberty hits the 14-year-old Sonny Kruger, he starts looking at his attractive classmate Coco in a different way. Too shy to ever stand a chance with her, he starts doubting his own masculinity. Sonny’s macho father Bero, his attractive sister Kimberly and bullying classmate Nigel, all contribute to his confusion and frustration. With the help of his best friend Ferdi and the things he sees in nature that inspire him, he eventually does have the courage to approach Coco.

    This film was made with the support of BNNVARA.

    Screenwriters Melvin Stewart, Gregory Martina Director Lisette Vlassak Producers Leilany Sanz, Naduah Zahradnik, Ivo Siebum Cinematographer Evert Bazuin Gaffer Erwin Smit First Assistant Director Tessa Bezemer Production Design Kino Haverkorn, Annelot de Boer Costume Design Aldo Vreeburg Sound Design Freija Hogenboom Re-Recording Mixer & Mixer Camiel Povel Editor Gijs Hummelink Visual Effects Supervisor Stan Oversteegen, Eline Oppewal Visual Effects Artists Bo Kamphues, Stijn Sanders, Jorn Boven, Pieter Schillemans, Menno Weitmann, Leeloo Bénézra, Gijs de Groot Composer Max Abel

  • Keep an Eye 2021: Blok C - Man In De Kas

    The Oldman’s Greenhouse

    Documentary, 24’

    The Oldman’s Greenhouse
    is a tragicomic portrait of an old gerbera grower who wants to quit working as soon as possible. He cannot retire as long as the government does not want to buy his land. Between the beauty of the flowers, he’s longing for a change. While his greenhouse is aging, the industry around him continues to grow.

    This film was made with the support of AVROTROS.

    Director Sterre Slikkerveer Producers Diewertje Kramer Freher, Naduah Zahradnik Cinematographer Pascalle Olthof Sound Design Camiel Povel Re-Recording / Mixer Ruben Dirkzwager Editor Sarah Baan Visual Effects Supervisors Micheal van Dalen, Victor Frerichs Visual Effects Artist Menno Weitmann Composer Manel Fornells

  • Keep an Eye 2021: Blok C - Onbewaakt Ogenblik

    A Quiet Kind of Thunder

    Fiction, 20’

    After the failed suicide attempt of Willem's wife, their relationship has changed forever. Willem has to deal with Leny's depression and suicidality, while he struggles with the broken loyalty that has come between them. Willem needs to test the value and meaning of their relationship again to find out that he needs to let go of Leny.

    This film was made with the support of VPRO.

    Screenwriter Douwe Nagelmaker Director Janna Grosfeld Producers Bente van der Meer, Dagmar Nietsch Cinematographer Jan Koks Gaffer Pascalle Olthof Production Design Sarah van den Bosch, Lucienne Dekker Costume Design Aldo Vreeburg Sound Design Camiel Povel Production Sound Mixer Bas Gijzen Editor Lise Robbe Visual Effects Supervisors Menno Weitmann, Bo Kamphues Composer Florian Jankowski


Production year



70 min.






None / English (10 Oct)

Part of

Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival 2021

Class of 2021 of the Netherlands Film Academy will graduate during the eleventh edition of the Keep an Eye Film Academy Festival.

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Keep an Eye 2021: Blok C - Onbewaakt Ogenblik
Keep an Eye 2021: Blok C - Cocon
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