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still Boiling Point (Philip Barantin, GB 2022)

Boiling Point

Philip Barantini / GB, 2021 / 92 min.

The restaurant is overbooked, the kitchen staff are winding each other up and chef Andy doesn’t feel too hot either. In Boiling Point almost everyone boils over – Stephen Graham (Andy) stars as the celebrity chef with issues in this single take, rollercoaster of a kitchen drama.

poster Boiling Point (Philip Barantin, GB 2022)

The busiest night of the year at the top London restaurant run by celebrated chef Andy Jones. Reason to be satisfied you might think, but Andy is late, the restaurant is overbooked and the kitchen staff are winding each other up.


Before the main film, you will see the short film Dichter draagt voor - Eierkoken (2013). Former Dichter Des Vaderlands Ramsey Nasr and director Shariff Nasr joined forces for the project Dichter draagt voor to provide 21 important poems from the Dutch history with a visual translation.


This movie contains scenes with alcohol and/or drug useThis movie contains scenes of explicit discriminationPersons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adultThis movie contains foul language


Philip Barantini

Production year




Original title

Boiling Point


92 min.







still Boiling Point (Philip Barantin, GB 2022)
still Boiling Point (Philip Barantin, GB 2022)
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