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still from Bullitt (Peter Yates, US 1968)


Peter Yates / US, 1968 / 114 min.

Composer Lalo Schifrin had already cemented his place in film history with his iconic soundtrack for Mission: Impossible (1966) when he signed up to score action thriller Bullitt: one of 'King of Cool' Steve McQueen’s most well-known films.

poster Bullitt (Peter Yates, US 1968)
Lalo Schifrin (Buenos Aires, 1932) had a background in jazz and early on in his career worked with the likes of Dizzy Gillespie, before increasingly concentrating on film music from the 1960s. An exceptional feature of Schifrin’s jazz fusion soundtrack for Bullitt is that it effortlessly fuses elements of funk, saccharine cocktail music and rock without losing its overall feel – which is why it is also an excellent standalone album.



Peter Yates

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114 min.





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All That Jazz: a scintillating programme on jazz and film featuring classics, live performances and a focus on exceptional avant-garde and activist filmmakers with a passion for jazz. From Miles Davis to Vincent de Boer, from Sun Ra to Ornette Coleman.

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still from Big Ben: Ben Webster in Europe (Johan van der Keuken, NL 1967)
still from Bullitt (Peter Yates, US 1968)
still from Bullitt (Peter Yates, US 1968)
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