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still Cesária Évora (Ana Sofia Fonseca, PT 2022)

Cesária Évora

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Ana Sofia Fonseca / PT, 2022 / 95 min.

Fascinating, loving portrait of the ‘barefoot diva’, Cesária Évora, the singer whose rise to fame started when she was 50. Featuring concert footage, interviews and shots of the Cape Verdes Islands. From poverty-stricken bar talent to global superstar.

poster Cesária Évora (Ana Sofia Fonseca, PT 2022)
She was known as the ‘barefoot diva’, yet Cesária Évora (1941 - 2011) displayed no illusions of entitlement. This loving film portrays a singer who, by performing barefoot, never forgot her poor roots. One with a deeply melancholy voice that “arises from her soul, her life and her country,” as one of the interviewees says.


This movie is suitable for all agesThis movie contains foul language


Ana Sofia Fonseca

Production year




Original title

Cesária Évora


95 min.


Kabuverdianu, Portuguese, English, French





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still Cesária Évora (Ana Sofia Fonseca, PT 2022)
still Cesária Évora (Ana Sofia Fonseca, PT 2022)
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