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Cinema Concert: Sunrise

The first American film made by renowned German cineast Murnau presents the love story of a young couple that is torn asunder by a 'woman of the world'. With live music by The Edge Ensemble and singer Elisenda Pujals Picó.

Sunrise poster

When a farmer falls in love with a sophisticated urbanite he can think of nothing else than to leave his family. He even contemplates killing his wife to be with his new love. When the moment of truth arrives, however, he has a change of heart and decides to stay with his wife, but he will need to regain her trust. Sunrise received four Oscars at the first ever Academy Award ceremony in 1929. The first American film by Expressionist filmmaker F.W. Murnau is still regarded as one of the best films ever made.

intensity and happiness

The Edge Ensemble groups itself at both sides of the stage for the soundtrack. One group expresses the intensity and happiness of the Female, the other group represents the Male. The music gathers momentum to express the highest and lowest moments of intensity in the film.

musical dissidents

The Edge Ensemble is a group of musical dissidents, artists who are either too keen or too unconventional to stay on well-trodden ground. A rock drummer becomes a spectromorphologist, a classical pianist turns to free jazz, a baroque violinist performs Klingon opera.

The Edge Ensemble is made up of Brendan Faegre (synthesizer/drum kit/composer), Elisenda Pujals Picó (vocals), James Hewitt (baroque viola), Christof May (reed instruments), Marta Warelis (piano), Vasilis Stefanopoulos (bass).


Edge ensemble sunrise photo by alex schroder1
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