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Cinema Egzotik: Sexy Time

Oh, the sixties, seventies and eighties, when carefree nudity and dirty jokes were as normal as shaking hands. From way deep down, Egzotik has fished out two absolute classics: Porky’s, that monument to adolescent bad taste, and Vixen!, Russ Meyer’s voluptuous tribute to nymphomaniac zest, psychedelic organ music and triple DD cup sizes.

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Egzotik programmer Ronald Simons explains: “Never again were cheeks as flushed as in the days before Internet, when we could all safely peer at breasts and buttocks in the dark of the cinema. Starting with his ground-breaking sexploitation film The Immoral Mr. Teas (1959), Russ “King of The Nudies” Meyer flung one chesty lady after the other on the silver screen, as in Vixen!, his ultimate breakthrough. Nor must we forget Bob Clark: His oh la la film Porky”s (1981) cost 5 million dollars to produce and took no time to gross twenty times as much in the US.”

Vixen! (Russ Meyer US 1968 English spoken, Dutch subtitles. 70”)If anything, Vixen! is an ode to the voluptuous figure of Erica Gaven. As Vixen she pounces on every man (and woman) that crosses her path to satisfy her unbridled lust, not even stopping at her own brother. Vixen! was former Playboy photographer Russ Meyer”s biggest hit, not in the least because of the hilarious, politically savvy humour with which he undermined the genre of the skin flick. Vixen: “I know it's strange, but your body really turns me on!”+ Porky”s (Bob Clark US 1982 English spoken, Dutch subtitles. 94”)What”s on an adolescent”s mind? With hormones raging, it”s mostly sex. The five teenagers at Angel Beach High are no exception; they all want to lose their cherry fast. It”s the 1950s and the coming-of-age adventures of the five high school students are lined with a series of corny, heady and gross sex jokes: “This has gotta be the biggest beaver shoot in the history of Florida”.


Vixen erica gavin
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