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Pathfinder 1

Cinema Egzotik: Winter Is Coming

Snow, bitter cold and chases to the death. The temperature drops far below zero in Egzotik’s winter special, starring a bounty hunter and a Sami hunter: revenge, murder, and fierce action in a frozen landscape, with Jean-Louis Trintignant, Klaus Kinski and Mikkel Gaup in the deep freeze lead roles. 

Winter is coming

The hunter and the hunted – it”s a time-honoured theme that drives the plot of numerous thrillers and Westerns. Egzotik combines it with winter”s freezing cold in Sergio Corbucci”s spaghetti western Il grande silenzio and Ofelas, the first full-length Sami film.

Programmer Martin Koolhoven explains: "Tonight we present two films filled with snowy landscapes. The Great Silence is possibly the best Spaghetti Western not to have been directed by Sergio Leone. Leone is of course the genre”s poster boy, but the gap between him and number 2 is close, closer than the gap between runner-up Corbucci and number 3. Corbucci is nowadays primarily known as the director of the original Django, but he made a dozen other westerns, half of which are definitely genre classics. Pathfinder is the first Sami film ever made. In the American remake released twenty years later, the Chudes had been turned into Vikings and the Sami into Indians."

The Great Silence (Il grande silenzio) Sergio Corbucci, IT, FR, 1968, 105 minutesJean-Louis Trintignant is Silence, a bounty hunter hot on the heels of the film”s acting bastard, gang leader Loco (Klaus Kinski). The backdrop to the film is the mountainous state of Utah, where the snow – exceptional for a Spaghetti Western – is more than knee deep. Trintignant”s silence is functional, Kinski is functionally brutal and mad and the guns are ablaze. Screened in a 4K restoration.


Pathfinder (Ofelas) Nils Gaup, NO, 1987, 86 minutes

Pathfinder was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar in 1988: the strongly acted and seat-gripping film was the first Sami feature film ever made. Filmmaker Nils Gaup based himself on an ancient Sami saga to portray a young Sami hounded by ruthless plunderers. The film is set in Finnmark, the inhospitable environment of the Arctic. Snow, shamanism and plenty of action: fierce, primitive and ruthless. Tonight we screen the 70mm version.


Il grande silenzio 2
Pathfinder 3