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still Laughing Gas (US 1907)

Cinema's First Nasty Women

Cinema's First Nasty Women

'Cinema's First Nasty Women' are coming to Eye! Meet cinema’s first hard-boiled women on International Women’s Day. The ten films, made between 1903-1913, are mainly comedies with lead roles for defiant girls, rebellious kitchen maids, vengeful wives and militant suffragettes. Showing that cinematic heroines have not always been meek and beautiful.

poster Cinema's First Nasty Women
The term 'Nasty Women' is derived from statements made by Donald Trump in relation to Hillary Clinton in the run-up to the US presidential elections. The term was then adopted as a nom de guerre by women. Cinema's First Nasty Women is an international project bringing together 99 early films from various film archives. These films are also being offered as a DVD/BluRay boxed set, scheduled for release in 2022.

Elif Rongen-Kaynakci, a curator with Eye and also one of the curators of this international project, will give a presentation to accompany the screenings. The films will also be accompanied by live music from Nora Mulder (piano). Four of the ten films selected are from the Eye collection.


  • Rosalie et Léontine vont au théâtre (FR 1911, 4')

    (British Film Institute - BFI)

  • still Laughing Gas (US 1907)

    Laughing Gas (US 1907, 7')

    (Blackhawk Films; Harvard Film Archive)

  • still Victoire a ses nerfs (Nervous Kitchenmaid) (FR 1907)

    Victoire a ses nerfs (Nervous Kitchenmaid) (FR 1907, 3')

    (British Film Institute - BFI)

  • still Mary Jane’s Mishap (GB 1903)

    Mary Jane’s Mishap (GB 1903, 4')

    (British Film Institute - BFI)

  • still La fureur de Mme Plumette (FR 1912)

    La fureur de Mme Plumette (FR 1912, 6')

    (Eye collection)

  • still Cunegonde femme crampon (FR 1912)

    Cunegonde femme crampon (FR 1912, 9')

    (Eye collection)

  • still Patouillard a une femme jealouse (FR 1912)

    Patouillard a une femme jealouse (FR 1912, 6')

    (Eye collection)

  • still Menage dranem (FR 1913)

    Menage dranem (FR 1913, 10')

    (Gaumont Pathé Archives)

  • Lea sui pattini (IT 1911, 5')

    (Eye collection)

  • Leontine s’envole (FR 1911, 6')

    (Gaumont Pathé Archives)

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still La fureur de Mme Plumette (FR 1912)
still Patouillard a une femme jealouse (FR 1912)

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