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Eye Classics

Do you know your classics?

illustration Eye Classics: Tokyo Story
© René Gast & Yvonne Kroese (

From Wuthering Heights to Dokter Pulder zaait papavers, from North by Northwest to Vivre sa vie: every week in Eye you can enjoy classics you've seen, never seen or only recognise by reputation.

Eye’s collection includes a wealth of classics. With the Eye Classics series, Eye brings film history even closer. Every week, we screen at least three classics from the collection under one recognisable name: Eye Classics.

illustration Eye Classics: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
© René Gast & Yvonne Kroese (

Do you know your classics? Experience the best of film on the big screen.

Three classics per week, selected by Eye's programmers, will be screened on the big screen, if possible on 35mm.

A reunion with the great directors from all over the world. Think of Hitchcock, Truffaut. Fellini. But don't rule out Fons Rademakers, Marleen Gorris and Wim Verstappen. And then there are Hou Hsiao-hsien, Agnès Varda, Ozu, Tarkovsky and Jane Campion.

Eye Classics: film history seen through Eye's filter.

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illustration Eye Classics: The Seventh Seal
© René Gast & Yvonne Kroese (
poster Eye Classics
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The best films of all time

Once every ten years, the British Film Institute asks film professionals and directors their list of the ten best films. From this top 100 - a bucket list full of beautiful films that you really must see at least once in your life - thirteen films can be viewed on the Eye Film Player.

To Eye Film Player

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