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Cinemini: In een bootje van papier

Eye's Cinemini is open especially for preschoolers and their parents. Every Sunday, children aged 2 to 6 are treated to animation films and can play with their parents close by.

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Children aged 2-6 can experience their first cinema visit in Eye”s finest and cosiest film theatre. After watching special short animation films, often based on Eye's own collection, the children are invited to experiment with light and shadow in small play tents and on a large lightbox supervised by De Taartrovers (The Pie Robbers, a small collective organizing interactive cultural activities for kids).

Dodu - The Cardboard Boy (José Miguel Ribeiro, PT 2010)Dodu, the cardboy boy, and his ladybird friend have all sorts of exciting adventures. The sea, the moon, the little boat they”re sailing in, everything”s made of cardboard.

The Little Red Paper Ship (Aleksandra Zareba, DE/PL 2013)A beautiful animated sea adventure. A little red paper ship wants to discover new land. Even though he”s made of paper, he thinks everything”s possible. He defies the rough sea, embarks on a poetic journey, is shipwrecked but pulls through in the end.

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Eye’s finest and most intimate film theatre is a great place for children aged 2 to 6 to experience their first cinema visit. Every Sunday morning, Eye’s Cinemini opens especially for preschoolers and their (grand)parents, where children are treated to a film, followed by experiments with light and shadow in small play tents.

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