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still Stickman (Mannetje Tak) (Jeroen Jaspaert & Daniel Snaddon, GB 2015)

Cinemini: Mannetje Tak

Cinemini: Stick Man

You won’t believe the things that happen to Stick Man! He nearly gets chewed by a dog, a swan puts him in her nest and then Stick is also on fire for a bit! Fortunately, there’s Santa Claus to sort things out…. This month Eye screens a wonderful film adaptation of the well-known children’s book by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler in our Cinemini theatre. Arjan Ederveen dubbed the voice of Stick Man for the Dutch version.  

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Today we screen Stick Man, the animated film adapted from the children's book of the same name by British writer Julia Donaldson and German illustrator Axel Scheffler. The two also famously collaborated on The Gruffalo and The Snail and the Whale – children”s books that have also been adapted for film.

The good life

Stick Man is an animated twig with eyes, a nose, a mouth, arms, and legs. He and his wife and three kids have made a cosy home in a hollow tree. They're living the good life, but then Stick Man decides to go out for a walk on his own. He gets picked up by a playful dog, a young girl hurls him in the river, and a swan thinks Stick Man would be perfect to line her nest. Will Stick Man be able to return to his family again? Fortunately, Father Christmas comes to the rescue.

An absolute must for anyone who loved the film adaptations of The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child.

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Eye’s finest and most intimate film theatre is a great place for children aged 2 to 6 to experience their first cinema visit. Every Sunday morning, Eye’s Cinemini opens especially for preschoolers and their (grand)parents, where children are treated to a film, followed by experiments with light and shadow in small play tents.

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still Stickman (Mannetje Tak) (Jeroen Jaspaert & Daniel Snaddon, GB 2015)
still Stickman (Mannetje Tak) (Jeroen Jaspaert & Daniel Snaddon, GB 2015)

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