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Cinema Ecologica Clothing Swap

Clothing Swap

Cinema Ecologica: Clothing Swap

Swapping is a brilliant alternative to consuming. This is why Eye and Fashion for Good are organising a great clothing swap. At the Clothing Swap, you can come and swap clothes and accessories you no longer wear, but that are still in tip-top condition.

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As well as being fun and satisfying the urge to splurge on some retail therapy, clothing swaps also contribute to a cleaner environment. And save you money!

There is no entry fee, but we ask that you reserve a place by ordering a free ticket, so we know roughly how many people to expect.

The Clothing Swap will take place on Tuesday 25 October in Eye's IJlounge, and starts at 17:00. After the Clothing Swap, at 19:15 in Cinema 2 Film, Future, Fashion starts: a programme of short fashion films from Eye's archive, as well as a presentation sustainable fashion made from materials such as apple peel or mushroom leather, or even from ones and zeroes. The speaker will be Dolly Vellanki, one of the Fashion for Good Museum’s innovation experts.

We can’t wait!

Scroll on for more information on how the Clothing Swap works.

1. Sign up by ordering your free ticket, so we know how many people to expect.

Bring the clothing you want to swap between 21 and 24 October to the Fashion for Good Museum at Rokin 102. Fashion for Good is open from 10:00-18:00. They will only take clothing from people showing a (free) ticket for the event.

Take no more than 5 items for the clothing swap. Make sure they are all clean and washed.

The following items will NOT be accepted:
- Underwear
- Swimming costumes
- Vocational clothing
- Fur
Please note: shoes will be inspected thoroughly for quality and only accepted if in perfect condition.

Staff at the Fashion for Good Museum will evaluate the quality of your clothing to be swapped and allocate it a category. The items will be allocated 1, 2 or 3 points and you will be given a number of tokens corresponding to the total number of points. You can then exchange these tokens for new clothes!

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Cinema Ecologica

Much in life is uncertain, but one thing is sure: climate change. Cinema Ecologica focuses on how film directors depict the relationship between humanity and the earth: from nail-biting disaster films to artistic meditations, from romantic nature experiences to astounding science fiction.

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Why in Eye

13 October through 6 November will be 'Three Daffy Weeks' in Eye, with films about the downsides of our consumer society. Swapping is a great alternative to this.

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Cinema Ecologica Clothing Swap
Cinema Ecologica Clothing Swap
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