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still Copenhagen Does Not Exist (Martin Skovbjerg, DK 2023)

Copenhagen Does Not Exist

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Martin Skovbjerg / DK, 2023 / 99 min.

Martin Skovjberg’s second feature film focuses on the young couple Ida and Sander, who have isolated themselves from the outside world. Ida disappears without a trace, her father decides to subject Sander to a (therapeutic?) interrogation. Psychological drama influenced by Polanski and Hitchcock.

poster Copenhagen Does Not Exist (Martin Skovbjerg, DK 2023)
Ida and Sander, who live in Copenhagen’s city centre, are completely smitten with one another. They don’t seem to need anything or anyone, not even life in the city interests them, they are so in love. Why then does Ida spend hours in front of the stereo speakers with headphones on?


This movie contains scenes showing explicit sexThis movie contains scenes with alcohol and/or drug useThis movie contains foul language


Martin Skovbjerg

Production year




Original title

København findes ikke


99 min.


Danish, Serbian, Swedish





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still Copenhagen Does Not Exist (Martin Skovbjerg, DK 2023)
still Copenhagen Does Not Exist (Martin Skovbjerg, DK 2023)
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