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still Crimson Tide (Tony Scott, US 1995)

Crimson Tide

Tony Scott / US, 1995 / 116 min.

The USS Alabama nuclear submarine springs into action when rebel Russian forces take possession of nuclear missiles. Denzel Washington is the cautious Lieutenant Commander Ron Hunter, Gene Hackman the bellicose Captain Frank Ramsey. Meanwhile, the radio link disappears and fire starts on board…

poster Crimson Tide (Tony Scott, US 1995)
What if Russian troops do indeed fire their captured missiles with devastating payload? That's the question Ramsey and Hunter grapple with as contact with headquarters is lost and a fatal collision threatens with another submarine. Should the USS Alabama launch its nuclear missiles in a pre-emptive strike?

Action film director Tony Scott (Top Gun, Déjà Vu) delivered a nail-biting submarine thriller in the tradition of Das Boot and The Hunt for Red October. At the same time, Crimson Tide is a reflection on decision-making under the threat of nuclear conflict: who will take responsibility for an Armageddon?


Denzel Washington shines as the low-key, democratically-minded new-style military who doesn't want to take unnecessary risks. Equally impressive is Gene Hackman as a dutiful old-timer who puts the nuclear missiles of the USS Alabama in position to defend the homeland.

Crimson Tide is produced by famous duo Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer, the team behind Top Gun and Days of Thunder.

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Tony Scott

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Crimson Tide


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still In the Heat of the Night (Norman Jewison, US 1967)
still Crimson Tide (Tony Scott, US 1995)
still Crimson Tide (Tony Scott, US 1995)
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