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still Lucid Dreaming (Emma Evelein, NL 2023)

Dag van de Korte Film

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Balcony Cacophony 2023

The Short Film Day is celebrated on 21 December, the shortest day of the year, with the best homegrown short films from very talented makers. Such as the short comedy I Am Not a Robot by Victoria Warmerdam with leading roles for Ellen Parren and Henry van Loon.

poster De Dag van de Korte Film 2023
The Short Film Day treats you to award-winning films such as the short dance film Lucid Dreaming, which won the Golden Calf for Best Short Film this year, and Balcony Cacophony, which was selected for numerous international festivals like Kaboom Animation Festival and IndieLisboa. I Am Not a Robot won the prize for Best Short Film at the Spanish Sitges International Fantasy Film Festival last month.


  • still When Doves Try (Thalia de Jong, NL 2022)

    When Doves Try (Thalia de Jong, NL 2022, 3’)

    Chest swelling, strutting about and shaking that plumage. But will this dove manage to impress his coveted companion?

  • still Balcony Cacophony (Quentin Haberham, NL 2022)

    Balcony Cacophony (Quentin Haberham, NL 2022, 7’)

    Quarrelling, a rich lady and her new neighbour get under each other’s skin. The creative balcony-based spectacle in this animation leads to unforeseen consequences.

  • still Het optreden (Claire Zhou, NL 2023)

    The Performance (Claire Zhou, NL 2023, 20’)

    When the festive New Year celebration of the Chinese church draws near, it gets ever harder for choir singer Lin to hide her trans daughter from the community, in this short drama.

  • still Gleuf (Isis Mihrimah Cabolet, NL 2022)

    Jammed (Isis Mihrimah Cabolet, NL 2022, 17’)

    Endearing short film about a socially isolated seventy-year-old woman. When she comes into contact with an equally lonely young man, she regains her zest for life. After the film a Q&A with director Isis Mihrimah Cabolet.

  • still Lucid Dreaming (Emma Evelein, NL 2023)

    Lucid Dreaming (Emma Evelein, NL 2023, 15’)

    Short dance film in which a girl makes a train journey and loses herself in the world of the man sitting across from her. Along the way, other passengers also get involved in the experience.

  • still Ik ben geen robot (Victoria Warmerdam, NL 2023)

    I'm Not a Robot (Victoria Warmerdam, NL 2023, 22’)

    It is really just a formality: passing the 'I’m not a robot' check during a software update. Still, Lara is unable to convince her computer she is human. Could it be… After the film a Q&A with the filmmaker and producer.

The short films are subtitled in English.


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still When Doves Try (Thalia de Jong, NL 2022)
still Ik ben geen robot (Victoria Warmerdam, NL 2023)
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