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still from Dawn of the Dead (George Romero, US 1978)

Dawn of the Dead

George Romero / US, 1979 / 127 min.

Four survivors of an inexplicable zombie outbreak hole up in a shopping mall and briefly live in consumer paradise. Then a motorcycle hang break in followed by zombies. The consequences are devastating.

poster Dawn of the Dead (George Romero, US 1978)
In George Romero’s satirical film on consumerism an American shopping mall becomes a battleground between zombies, four survivors and a looting motorcycle gang. The survivors experience the fantasy of purchasing power at the mall. They rob the bank, pose for the security cameras, grab all the clothes and other consumer goods they want, play videogames and plunder the gun store.

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George Romero

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Dawn of the Dead


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Why in Eye

4K restoration of the rarely screened directors cut of Romero's masterpiece: the original version.

still from Dawn of the Dead (George Romero, US 1978)
still from Dawn of the Dead (George Romero, US 1978)
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