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De inbreker (Frans Weisz, NL 1972)

De inbreker

Frans Weisz / NL, 1972 / 105 min.

A while ago the audience of ‘Stadsleven’, a talk show in Amsterdam’s centre for culture and politics De Balie, was treated to a piece from the Dutch film classic De inbreker. EYE frequently contributes to the show with film fragments from its collection. The entire film, directed by Frans Weisz and starring the acclaimed Dutch actor and comedian Rijk de Gooyer, can now be seen in the new edition of Film NL, EYE’s regular series on film in the Netherlands.

poster De inbreker (Frans Weisz, NL 1972)

Stadsleven” (City Life) is a monthly talk show presented for De Balie by architecture and design expert Tracy Metz. Last year”s March edition of “Stadsleven” was devoted to the capital”s night life. EYE programmer Leo van Hee showed a fragment from De inbreker (1972), which recaptured the way it was in the Amsterdam red light district. In this film, Rijk de Gooijer plays the role of the sophisticated professional burglar and hoodlum Glimmie, who gets caught up in a dirty little business with his sidekick De Bonk (Jon Bluming). The night is their natural habitat and the two carry out their burglaries coolly and efficiently.

De inbreker was the first great public success for director Frans Weisz, who debuted six years before with the slightly arty Het gangstermeisje (Illusion is a Gangster Girl, 1966). It was especially the combination of sex and crime and De Gooijer”s natural acting style that drew the audiences to the cinema. Weisz would make two other films with the no-nonsense actor De Gooijer, Naakt over de schutting (Naked over the Fence, 1973) and Hoogste tijd (Last Call, 1995).

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To mark the premiere of Frans Weisz’s latest film Het leven is vurrukkulluk, based on Remco Campert’s sparkling novel, Eye presents a programme of films by one of the Netherlands’ most prominent filmmakers of the past fifty years. Frans Weisz, actors and crew will attend a number of the screenings.

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campaign image Frans Weisz - Filmen is vurrukkulluk (still from Het gangstermeisje (Frans Weisz, NL 1966))
De inbreker (Frans Weisz, NL 1972)
De inbreker (Frans Weisz, NL 1972)
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