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De Olympische Spelen van Amsterdam 1928

In the summer of 1928 the ninth Olympic Games were held in Amsterdam. The Italian film company Luce assembled the footage into a long film – to the displeasure of the Nederlandsche Bioscoopbond (Netherlands Cinema Union), which had wanted to grant the rights to a Dutch company. The conflict escalated and led to a boycot of the film by the Bioscoopbond. None of the union’s members was allowed to hire or screen the film. As a result of this unofficial screening ban, the film disappeared in the vaults of the Nederlandsch Centraal Filmarchief (Dutch Central Film Archive).


Following the closure of this archive, the several acts of the film were dispersed over the collections of Beeld en Geluid (Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision) and EYE Film Museum. The film was never properly screened in Dutch cinemas until 21 August 2016, when the copy which had been preserved by the International Olympic Committee premiered in EYE in a collaboration with EYE and Beeld en Geluid.

A virtually complete, silent version has been prepared for the restoration. To make sure the film, which is more than three hours in length, will reach a wide audience, it was decided to produce a shortened version of 90 minutes, partly containing sound fragments of sportsmen and officials looking back on the 1928 Olympic Games.

A specially compiled version of 45 minutes will be screened on Collection Day. Sports historian Jurryt van de Vooren will comment on the film. With an introduction by Adrian Wood, Film Archivist, responsible for the restoration of De Olympische Spelen Amsterdam 1928.


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