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still Symbiosis (Polymorf, NL 2021)

DocLab Live: Beyond the Cyborg Manifesto

What if humans, nature, and machine eventually merge together? Immerse yourself in the dizzying future vision of biologist, philosopher of science, and feminist Donna Haraway. Featuring the film Camille & Ulysse by Diana Toucedo and the makers of the spectacular installation Symbiosis.

poster IDFA 2021
Symbiosis can be visited in Eye from 13 through 28 November.

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90 min.

Part of

IDFA 2021

Documentary lovers, keep November 17 to 28 free in your calendar. The International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam presents its 34th edition in cinemas throughout Amsterdam, including several special programs in Eye.

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still Symbiosis (Polymorf, NL 2021)
still from Symbiosis (Polymorf, NL 2021)
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