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Everything Will Be Fine

Wim Wenders / DE, CA, SE, FR, NO, 2015 / 118 min.

Every Thing Will Be Fine is a study in sorrow and forgiveness, featuring James Franco as an emotionally blocked writer who is unable to come to terms with his involvement in a fatal car accident ten years earlier.

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James Franco plays the role of Tomas, an author fighting his creative block from the isolation of a dreary snowed in barn near his house in Quebec as his impatient girlfriend Sara (Rachel McAdams) looks on with mounting discontent.

Tomas” descent into depression is accelerated when he accidentally kills the young son of single mother Kate (Charlotte Gainsbourg) in a blinding blizzard. Kate is overcome by the loss of her child but eventually accepts that Tomas bears no guilt. Tomas, however, finds it harder to forgive himself, leading Sara and him on a psychological downward spiral.

In spite of his growing popularity as a novelist and a new relationship, Tomas is unable to keep away from the scene of the accident, both physically and emotionally. Director of photography Benoit Debie, known for his work with Gaspar Noé and Harmony Korine, adds several dimensions to this drama about guilt and acceptance.



Wim Wenders

Production year




Original title

Every Thing Will Be Fine


118 min.


DCP - encrypted

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