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Eye Artist and Scholar-in-Residence week: The Margins of the Archive

Artist Aimée Zito Lema will present her new work '214322', which she realized during her residency at the Eye Collection Centre in 2019. Together with invited guests Amal Alhaag and Daniela Agostinho, Zito Lema will present an evening investigating the margins of the archive.

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Zito Lema created a new work, consisting of film and photographs, based on footage from the collection of Eye.

playing with concepts

For '214322' she investigated the borders of the archive, such as unidentified materials, the gaps in cataloguing and accessibility, looking for the “forgotten” and “neglected”. Her work is playing with concepts of classification, categorization and selection, and includes technical and material information as part of the image, such as punch-hole typography or Kodak edge codes.

Zito Lema made use of both analogue and digital processes, including tinting techniques, as they were common in the silent era of the cinema.From 2-8 December the work “214322”, film and photographs, will also be exhibited at Eye.

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