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Eye in het Muziekgebouw: La chute de la maison Usher

French avant-garde filmmaker Jean Epstein took the stories of Edgar Allan Poe as the basis for experiments with camera movement, editing and a narrative perspective from one person, the labile aristocrat Roderick Usher. Saxophonist Eric Sleichim also gets into the skin of this tormented character. With the help of modern electronics, he transforms the versatile sounds of his instrument into a three-dimensional score.

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In an imposing but neglected mansion, Lord Roderick works obsessively on a portrait of his critically ill wife Madeleine. The more lifelike her image appears on the canvas, the weaker she becomes. When she dies, Roderick falls prey to hallucinations, translated by Epstein into ghostly images. Luis Buñuel, who would later become an icon of surrealism, worked as a co-scriptwriter and assistant director.


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