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still Falcon Lake (Charlotte Le Bon, CA/FR 2022)

Falcon Lake

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Charlotte Le Bon / FR, CA, 2022 / 100 min.

Tender, yet simultaneously terrifying tale of first love. An event at the end of an idyllic summer holiday causes a crucial twist in the life of 14-year-old Bastien. Did a child really disappear at Falcon Lake?

poster Falcon Lake (Charlotte Le Bon, CA/FR 2022)
14-year-old Bastien travels to a little house on a lake in rural Quebec with his younger brother and mother. Bastien is impressed by 16-year-old Chloé, who is unabashedly moody and prefers to escape adult supervision. Chloé enjoys scaring Bastien with stories of the child that died mysteriously on Falcon Lake where she and Bastien go swimming. Rumour has it the child’s ghost still haunts the waters.


This movie contains scenes with alcohol and/or drug usePersons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adultThis movie contains foul language


Charlotte Le Bon

Production year




Original title

Falcon Lake


100 min.


French, English





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still Falcon Lake (Charlotte Le Bon, CA/FR 2022)
still Falcon Lake (Charlotte Le Bon, CA/FR 2022)
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