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Cinema Ecologica: header Fantastic Planet + Pumzi

Fantastic Planet + Pumzi

Cinema Ecologica: Fantastic Planet + Pumzi

An aggressive race of blue alien giants the Traags keep humans as pets in this surreal animation. The humanoid Oms revolt and create their own living space for themselves on their own planet. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the 1973 Cannes Film Festival. Preceded by: Pumzi, the first Kenyan SF film.

poster Cinema Ecologica: Fantastic Planet + Pumzi

In a distant future on the planet Ygam, the Traags, blue, emotionless super aliens, keep humanoids called Oms as pets in a master-slave relationship. The narrator Terr, an Om child that has escaped, starts a revolt with other Oms and together they manage to start a new life on another planet.

La planète sauvage (Fantastic Planet) positions humanity as the slaves, as pets they serve the cruel Traags, a race that considers itself the masters. Smart cooperation and solidarity help the Oms liberate themselves, thereby providing a valuable lesson to the Traags: repression elicits uncontrollable opposition.

Psychedelic score

Director René Laloux and artist/animator/co-scriptwriter Roland Topor adapted Stefan Wul’s SF novel 'Oms en série', a bewildering, surreal parable about humanity’s future. Topor’s cut-out animations depict strange, cosmic landscapes and astounding creatures in a cold universe.

The score features psychedelic jazz (Alain Goraguer) that elevates viewers from their quotidian existences to the supernatural SF experience in which humanity is no longer the measure of all things.

Pumzi (Wanuri Kahiu, KE 2009, 21’)

Fantastic Planet will be screened along with Pumzi, the very first Kenyan SF film is set in East Africa 35 years after the end of World War III. The earth is dry, the soil is poisoned and there is no water. People live in a high-tech underground city, no one is allowed outside. Nature solely exists in a virtual museum, dreams are suppressed with medication.

A young woman ignores the ban and plants a cutting from a tree in the desert that she feeds with her own bodily fluids, providing it with shade – a sign of hope in a barren world.

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Why in Eye

“Fantastic Planet is an unforgettable animation that counters the doom mongering. Ultimately, the inequality and depletion of nature are brought to an end.” – Anna Abrahams, programmer

still from Fantastic Planet (René Laloux, FR/CZ 1973)
still from Pumzi (Wanuri Kahiu, KE 2009)
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