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Keep an Eye 2023 Cinder Blok D

Filmacademie Festival - Blok D

Filmacademie Festival: Blok D

Graduation films of the student class of 2023 of the Netherlands Film Academy; Cinder, Hallelujah Amsterdam!, Black Joy, Pocket Change

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This block of films includes:


  • Keep an Eye 2023 Cinder Blok D

    Cinder (Animation, 5’)

    In a dark village dominated by a clock of death, Dante's son Leonardo (8) is chosen as a human sacrifice. Dante does not accept this fate and engages in a desperate battle with the clock, causing him to miss his last moments with his son.

    This film was made with the support of NTR.

    Carmen Maria, Stijn van der Plas Screenwriters Zeynep Dülger, Emma Nagelmaker Producers Nienke Lockx, Sam Peetz Animation Supervisors Menno Haas, Stijn van der Plas Production Design Jelle van Elk, Eva de Winter Cinematography Lin Hou Oei Editor Anneliek Noordermeer Supervising Sound Editor Angelina de Braekeleer Composers Fons Beijer, Anne Teikari Post Production Coordinator Evi van Doorn Sculpting Lead Claudia Keeris Animation Leads Stijn van der Plas, Emiel van Vliet CG Lead Ruben Brouns FX Lead Nick de Leeuw Compositing Leads Menno Haas, Mark van Kuik

  • Keep an Eye 2023 Hallelujah Amsterdam Blok D

    Hallelujah Amsterdam! (Fiction, 19’)

    In bustling Amsterdam, six people struggle with their inability to express love. A broken heart is inevitable, but how to heal from it? An Amsterdam chansonnier knows what to do.

    This film was made with the support of AVROTROS.

    Mees van den Hurk Sceenwriter Emma Nagelmaker Producers Evi van Doorn, Esmée Honhoff, Jan Roest Cinematography Lin Hou Oei Camera Operator Boyd Bakema Gaffer Sean Louw Production Design Iris van Heusden, Kirsten Maduit Costume Design Lily Kim Gelderblom Editor Coen Hagenaars VFX Supervisors Anne Dirkx, Bart Griepink, Micky Heideman Supervising Sound Editor Nicky Brekhof Sound Design Angelina de Braekeleer Re-recording Mixer Jurriaan Kruithof Production Sound Mixer Camiel Muiser Composer Fons Beijer

  • Keep an Eye 2023 Zwart Geluk (Blaka Koloku) (Blok D)

    Black Joy (Blaka Koloku) (Documentary, 20’)

    Black Joy (Blaka Koloku) is a poetic, afro-futuristic film about the search for independence for the black residents in the capital of Amsterdam. Through walks taken by the maker and people from varying subcultures in the city, a portrait is sketched about identity and the celebration of black freedom.

    This film was made with the support of EOdocs.

    Mel Opti Dramaturgy Zeynep Dülger Producer Nienke Lockx Cinematography Jonathan ten Broeke Gaffer Boris Peters Production Design Eva de Winter Costume Design Laura Vreede Editor Nola Zeegers VFX Supervisors Djamali Jones, May Therat Sound Design Myrtle Straatman Re-recording Mixer Isa de Rijck van der Gracht Production Sound Jurriaan Kruithof Composer Anne Teikari Post Production Supervisor June Carmiggelt

  • Keep an Eye 2023 Kleingeld Blok D

    Pocket Change (Fiction, 19’)

    When Indy (9) learns that her father doesn't have enough money for a birthday treat at school, she feels ashamed. To keep her situation at home a secret from her classmates at all costs, she decides to fix it herself.

    This film was made with the support of NTR.

    Daniël Bakker Screenplay Development Reowin Renkema, Demian van der Wekken Screenwriter Demian van der Wekken Producer June Carmiggelt, Nadine Jansen, Storm Rechsteiner Additional Producer Sam Peetz Cinematography Sean Louw Gaffer Boyd Bakema Production Design Eva de Winter, Lily Kim Gelderblom Costume Design Laura Vreede Editor Nola Zeegers VFX Supervisor Djamali Jones Sound Design Nynke Spanjer, Levi Cuijpers Re-recording Mixer Angelina de Braekeleer Production Sound Mixer Nicky Milou Brekhof Composer Anne Teikari

The films are screened with English subtitles on Sunday.


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Part of

Keep an Eye Filmacademie Festival 2023

Class of 2023 of the Netherlands Film Academy will graduate during the thirteenth edition of the Keep an Eye Film Academy Festival.

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Keep an Eye 2023 Zwart Geluk (Blaka Koloku) (Blok D)
Keep an Eye 2023 Hallelujah Amsterdam Blok D
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