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Family acro yoga (Filmmagie) © Christine Rose Divito

Filmmagie: Acrobatische toeren

Filmmagie: Acrobatische toeren

Today, we’re watching short films all about a good sense of balance. Followed by an acrobatics workshop: an adventure full of pleasure, togetherness and show, where everyone can shine as a member of a real circus company.

poster Filmmagie: Acrobatische toeren
Hold on tight for an acrobatic trip through the most exciting films – then perform your own daring stunts.


  • still Les six soeurs Dainef (unknown, FR 1902)

    Les six soeurs Dainef (FR, 1902, director unknown)

    Short hand-coloured silent film from 1902 in which six female acrobats known as 'Les reines du tapis' perform remarkable feats on stage.

  • still Tér (István Szábo, HU 1971)

    Ter (István Szábo, HU 1971)

    A boy writing on the walls of a city hall with a piece of chalk takes us to the adjacent square where on a sunny day everyone – children, women, men, young and old – is at play, chasing each other, dancing, talking or shouting, always moving. The camera captures this moment of collective life in a breathtakingly fluid motion, giving us the feeling that we could potentially be every single one of these people, or all of them at once, close to everything and at the same time strangely detached, flying above and watching life unfold from afar.

  • still Forever Mime (Michael Visser, NL 2013)

    Forever mime (Michael Visser, NL 2013)

    Two mimes compete for the attention of a girl, who flees into the haunted house. They become so embroiled in their act that it becomes an epic struggle.

  • still La plongeuse (Iulia Voitova, FR 2018)

    La plongeuse (Iulia Voitova, FR, 2018)

    A professional diver undergoes an intense training regime punctuated by relentless blasts on her trainer's whistle. Utterly exhausted, she refuses to dive again and decides to visit a masseur.

  • still Trampoline (Maarten Koopman, NL 2013)

    Trampoline (Maarten Koopman, NL 2013)

    A trampoline is stretched out as part of a visit to the cinema – to the great enjoyment of both people and animals. We watch their antics with amusement from below the trampoline screen, until things take a totally unexpected turn.

  • Family circus workshop

    Acrobatics are the main attraction in this family circus workshop, which is all about performing impressive tricks together! Parents/carers and children can build human pyramids, perform flying stunts and adopt breathtaking poses.

    Our experienced Family Acro Yoga Teacher, Esther Hertog, will ensure that everyone, including absolute beginners, can quickly experience the magic of acrobatics. Get ready for an adventure crammed with pleasure, connection and show, and to shine as a real, collective circus company.

All children must be accompanied. Filmmagie is not suitable for children’s parties.

(Photography family acro yoga workshop © Christine Rose Divito)

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Filmmagie [Film Magic] is watching and making. Discover the magic of cinema with short animations from Eye’s extensive collection. After watching the film, there is a creative activity for the children, in which they get to work with the movement of images.

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Filmmagie Acrobatische toeren docent Esther Hertog
Family acro yoga (Filmmagie) © Christine Rose Divito
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