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still from My Happy End (Milen Vitanov, DE 2007)

Filmmagie: kijken en maken

Filmmagie: kijken en maken

Discover the magic of film through six short animated films from Eye’s rich collection. Animals play a leading role: a hummingbird, a rabbit, a dog and a wolf. Afterwards, the children can draw their own flip books and learn how to get still pictures to move (6-10 years).

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Films in this programme:


  • still from Tekkol (Jorn Leeuwerink, NL 2016)

    Tekkol (Jorn Leeuwerink, NL 2016, 2')

    A dog helps a chicken and her chicks cross the river, but then all the other animals start taking advantage.

  • still from Waar is Ko? (Jorn Leeuwerink, Emma van Dam & Robin Aerts, NL 2016)

    Waar is Ko? (Jorn Leeuwerink, Emma van Dam & Robin Aerts, NL 2016, 7')

    Cas is given a rabbit for his birthday. But the next day, Ko has vanished from his hutch. So yeah, what do you do then? You go after him! In his search, he meets Mole, and finds a new surprise every time he pops up above ground. But will he find his new friend again?

  • still from Meneer Papier gaat uit wandelen (Ben Tesseur & Steven De Beul, BE/NL 2018)

    Meneer Papier gaat uit wandelen (Steven de Beul & Ben Tesseur, NL 2018, 9')

    It's a nice sunny day. Mister Paper goes out for a walk. He cuts everything he needs from a few old newspapers. A sun hat, and a dog to keep him company. It’s going to be a lovely day!

  • still from Grote wolf & kleine wolf (Grand loup, petit loup) (Rémi Durin, FR, 2018)

    Grote Wolf & Kleine Wolf (Rémi Durin, FR 2018, 13')

    Big Wolf lives very happily alone under a magnificent tree, until one day a little wolf moves in with him. The little wolf eats all his food, messes up his things, snores. In short: he’s a big pain. But after Little Wolf has gone, Big Wolf realises how much he misses his little comrade.

  • still from Hoanoe (Marten Visser, NL, 2020)

    Hoanoe (Marten Visser, NL 2020, 4')

    A hummingbird drinks water from a smoking volcano. A ladybird flies through the air clutching a jellyfish in its paws. A snail climbs a huge mountain range. A short animation about nature, but with a twist.

  • still from My Happy End (Milen Vitanov, DE 2008)

    My Happy End (Milen Vitanov, DE 2007, 5')

    Cheerful cut-out animation about a dog and his tail. All dogs chase their own tails. One day a dog manages to catch his tail. They become best friends, dramatically changing this dog’s life.

  • Flipboekje maken (30')

    After the film programme you can make your own flip book in the cinema. A flip book is a little book with a small drawing that changes a tiny bit on each page. When you flip through the pages of the book with your thumb, these drawings zoom past really fast. The individual pictures blur together like a film. So with your flip book you are really making your own mini-animated film!


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76 min.

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still from Waar is Ko? (Jorn Leeuwerink, Emma van Dam & Robin Aerts, NL 2016)
still from Meneer papier gaat uit wandelen (Steven de Beul & Ben Tesseur, NL 2018)
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