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Frans Zwartjes - Home Sweet Home

Frans Zwartjes, the patriarch of Dutch experimental film, turns 90 in May this year. EYE celebrates this anniversary by screening a number of his films and by launching an LP with new music composed by Frans Zwartjes and recorded with the British musician Stanley Schtinter.

Behind your walls nl fma bt zp 7673 105

One of the films that will be screened is Film II, Zwartjes” first film, long thought to have been lost (1967, 8mm) and recently added to EYE”s collection. The film is accompanied by live music for prepared piano, violin and synthesizer. Zwartjes wrote the score, which is performed by Samuel Kilcoyne, Takatsuna Mukai and Schtinter. Schtinter also produced a short video portrait of Frans Zwartjes during these sessions, which will premiere this evening.


Film II NL 1967 18”; Birds NL 1970 5”; Toilet NL 1970 2”; How Did You Know I Was in Trouble NL 1995 7”; Behind Your Walls NL 1970 12”; Spare Bedroom NL 1970 18”. Portret van Frans Zwartjes Stanley Schtinter 2017 8”.


Behind your walls nl fma bt zp 7673 106
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