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Portret lyon bell

From Fantasy To Film: Design your own erotic film

Photo credit first image: CB Berghouwer

Portret lyon bell

In this beginner”s workshop filmmaker Jennifer Lyon Bell (Headshot, Matinee, Skin Like Sun, Silver Shoes) presents the tools to plan and create your very own porn movie — whether you later decide to pick up a camera and do it, or whether you just like knowing that you could.

In this unique, DIY workshop Jennifer will give you exercises to tweak your erotic imagination and help you decide what you”d personally love to see on film, no matter how soft or hard. She will walk you through some porn genres and styles to help you choose how you want express your idea. Maybe you”ll even come up with something new. You”ll make your own storyboard to take home.

Workshop will feature presentation of several explicit clips, including samples of Jennifer”s work. There will be no nudity required or actual sexual activity involved.

All genders, orientations and proclivities are welcome. We strive to create a safe, non-judgmental place where you can explore your ideas and creativity!

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