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Half the Horizon

A Paul and Menno de Nooijer performance in cooperation with Jorrit Tamminga, followed by an interview with Paul de Nooijer in Room at the Top at 21:00.

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A maelstrom develops in the mind of a man who has just been informed he has prostate cancer by his urologist. From that point on memories, illusions of the future, dreams and reality whirl by. A poetic journey through life from birth to death.Half The Horizon is a magic-realist performance in which artist Paul de Nooijer, who has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, together with his son Menno and friends Jorrit, Izhar and Erik shapes his current condition. Serious and comedic aspects of Paul”s life highlighted in images and music. Unmistakeably linked to Paul and Menno”s unique visual language as is Jorrit Tamminga”s music performed by the seasoned musicians Izhar Elias and Erik Bosgraaf.Paul and Menno de Nooijer work where photography, animation, film and theatre intersect. They create beautiful, sometimes confrontational illusions by projecting their images not just on screens, but also on people. Jorrit Tamminga then enriches the alienation by distorting the sounds of musical instruments live.Paul and Menno de Nooijer (father and son) usually get their material close to home. Or even at home. For instance, the characteristic building the family inhabited for years in Eindhoven had every corner filmed and was used as a backdrop for photographic and filmed works. The cast is usually made up of family members and house guests.Their own biotope is also the source of plenty of images for their latest production Half the Horizon. Many of the scenes were shot at their farm studio in Zeeland and in its spacious garden which includes, among other features, a long lane of walnut trees. Half the Horizon”s subject is also taken from their own reality: Paul”s prostate cancer and the shadow this disease casts over their (family) life.Cancer is usually associated with misery and depression, but Half the Horizon is everything but a sad performance. Although painful subjects such as loss of sex drive, lack of empathy and physical decline are tackled, these often lead to absurd, grotesque or hilarious situations making the viewer alternate between wincing and laughing. The undertone is also far from pessimistic. Winter means spring isn”t far off; the longest day is perhaps a perfect day.


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