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Still I Never Cry 4

I Never Cry

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Piotr Domalewski / PL, IE, 2020 / 98 min.

Few media have reported on the subject: the exodus of Polish workers to other countries within the EU. Tens of thousands of Polish children grow up missing one or both parents as a result.

Poster I Never Cry

Piotr Domalewski shows how these 'Euro-orphans’ somehow manage to cope with life.

Ola is a 17-year-old Polish girl who travels to Ireland to bring home the body of her dad, who died on a construction site. Ola is especially keen to find out whether he set money apart for the car he promised her. She has her own streetwise way of dealing with foreign bureaucracy and learns some truths about her father.

Piotr Domalewski already impressed with his feature debut Silent Night (2017). He won virtually all awards at home, but was mainly confined to the festival circuit outside Poland. I Never Cry world premiered in the New Directors section at the San Sebastián Film Festival and went on to win awards at Cottbus and Dublin.

I Never Cry is an expertly filmed and moving drama with dark humour and empathy, in a style reminiscent of the work of Ken Loach, not surprisingly Domaleswki's favourite director.

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Piotr Domalewski

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Jak najdalej stad


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Piotr Domalewski is a new voice in Polish cinema, which is barely represented in the Netherlands since the death of Krysztof Kieslowski. Curious, as it is not for a lack of wonderful films coming from Poland.

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