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Previously Unreleased

still from First Cow (Kelly Reichardt, US 2019)
still from First Cow (Kelly Reichardt, US 2019)

What do the latest film by Tsai Ming-liang, an earlier one by Hou Hsiao-hsien and the award-winning debut of Mexican director Fernanda Valadez have in common? None of these films were able to see regular release in the Netherlands. All three, however, will be screened daily for at least a week at Eye and FilmHallen in Amsterdam as part of Eye’s Previously Unreleased programme. They will also tour national film theatres this summer.

The films featured in Eye’s Previously Unreleased programme were screened at major national and international festivals, but were never released to Dutch cinemas. Frome 17 June Eye brings a choice of films previously selected for international festivals to Dutch film audiences to redress the balance.

still from Give Me Liberty (Kirill Mikhanovsky, US 2019)
still from Give Me Liberty (Kirill Mikhanovsky, US 2019)

Previously Unreleased 2021 kicks off at the FilmHallen (Parisien theatre) with the Dutch premiere of First Cow, Kelly Reichardt’s intriguing subversion of the cliches of the Wild West. All titles have been selected from the range of films featured at major international festivals. Each first screening in Amsterdam will be introduced online by a Filmkrant expert.

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still from Vitalina Varela (Pedro Costa, PT 2019)
still from Vitalina Varela (Pedro Costa, PT 2019)

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A number of films from earlier editions of Previously Unreleased can now be seen via Eye Film Player: Homo Sapiens (Nicolaus Geyrhalter, 2016), Vitalina Varela (Pedro Costa, 2019) and Blanco en blanco (Theo Court, 2019).

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