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IDFA - Cuts

Two filmmakers decide to look into the opaque world of Indonesian film censorship after their film is rejected for regular distribution.

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In Indonesia, the Indonesian Film Censorship Board (LSF) must approve all films before they can be released on the regular screening circuit. Films containing sex, subversive political viewpoints or other elements that may be controversial in the opinion of the censors won”t pass. It”s absolute censorship, although the board itself sees it a little differently: they protect the people from negative influences and agitation. The result is that only nice, safe teenage films get into the cinemas.

Meiske Taurisia and Edwin, producer and director of Blind Pig Who Wants to Fly, submit their film to the LSF – after a very long assessment process, it gets rejected and they are given some suggestions for changes they could make. To get to the bottom of this opaque, convoluted procedure, they request an official interview with the board and film it with a hidden camera. When this doesn”t reveal much, they decide to look more deeply into the LSF, but this turns out to be no easy task.



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