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IDFA - Father and Son + Doc Talk

Documentary director Pawel Lozinski is known for his multilayered, intimate portraits. Born in 1965, he already had a number of award-winning films to his name when he decided to turn the camera on himself and his father Marcel Lozinski, who’s also a renowned documentarian. Together, they embark on a road trip from Poland to France. The original idea was to make a single film about the journey, but in the end, two films were made: one by each director.


For the senior Lozinski, this was a return journey to Paris, where he was born to Jewish parents at the start of the Second World War. He made his own film Father and Son on a Journey (2013) about this trip. Pawel Lozinski”s film places greater emphasis on his own youth. In the capsule of their mobile home, a dialogue unfolds. Pawel recalls painful memories about his free upbringing, the divorce of his parents, and the lack of a sense of safety. He also asks questions about sex and relationships—no subjects are off limits, but there”s also a delicate bond between the two men. Will their complex relationship survive the no-holds-barred frankness?

doc talk

Extended interview with director Pawel Lozinski by film programmer Eric Hynes as part of the focus programme Me.


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