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IDFA - Rats

An investigative horror-doc about our hostile relationship with rats. How should we go about eradicating these spreaders of disease? Is there anyone who values them?

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Rats. In New York, hordes of rats gnaw their way into garbage bags, in India they spread disease, in Cambodia they lay waste to rice fields, and in Great Britain they”ve developed resistance to poison. A rat exterminator from New York paints a grim picture of this rodent menace: he claims there are terrifyingly huge populations all around us. These far from innocent beasts spread serious illnesses such as Ebola and Weil”s disease.

Inspired by Robert Sullivan”s book Rats, this film is a cross between an investigative documentary and a horror movie. Director Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) travels the globe, and everywhere he goes nearly everyone has a hostile relationship with rats. They are hunted, fumigated, poisoned and clubbed to death. But there are also those who consider rats a tasty delicacy, or worship them as gods. Somewhere in between we find the scientists who carefully study the rodents and keep them for posterity, because we need to know what the parasites currently living in them might mean for the rats of tomorrow. The ominous soundtrack and lush sound effects help make Rats a gruesome portrait of an often-terrifying creature.



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