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Eye on Sound: The Stroke (2020) (soundwave)

Ill Considered: Liminal Spaces

All That Jazz: Ill Considered: Liminal Spaces

Tonight’s All That Jazz film programme is opened by London-based jazz band Ill Considered, featuring regular band member and animator Vincent de Boer. Their unique audio-visual live show 'Liminal Spaces' is a live improvisation in both sound and images, with a special role for the audience.

poster All that Jazz: Ill Considered: Liminal Spaces

A regular member of Ill Considered, Utrecht-based artist/animator Vincent de Boer won the Debut Competition Award at the Netherlands Film Festival for his animated film The Stroke, featuring music by Ill Considered, improvised while the musicians were seeing the film for the first time.

Alongside a new, unique version of The Stroke, this evening De Boer will create a new animated film, live, in interaction with the music. The band will also play an improvised jazz score accompanying material from the Eye collection. At the band’s own request, they will not be told in advance what the films will be.

Next to De Boer, the band will be joined by film-maker Lisa Wormsley tonight to contribute to a live artwork.

Ill Considered love to improvise, but this evening the group will go a step further, using interaction with the audience and visual artists to create a ​​unique, one-off work. While the audience influences the band’s playing, the band will improvise their own soundscapes. These will then be recorded in real-time, in the form of a live artwork made by De Boer, and in film by Wormsley.

The final product of the improvisation will be a unique musical experience, including an album cover and video directed by the audience, that can only be experienced by those present.

About Ill Considered

Ill Considered consists of bassist Liran Donin (Led Bib), saxophonist Idris Rahman (Wildflower, Soothsayers, Unknown to Known) and producer/mixer/drummer Emre Ramazanoglu (David Holmes, Leo Abrahams, Noel Gallagher, Steam Down, Theon Cross, Wildflower, Étienne Daho). This wildly energetic group have put out no less than nine studio albums and two live albums since 2017. Combining the dynamism of the British jazz scene with improvised DIY punk energy, the band’s sound is not easy to pigeonhole. Each album features original artwork by visual artist Vincent de Boer.


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All That Jazz

All That Jazz: a scintillating programme on jazz and film featuring classics, live performances and a focus on exceptional avant-garde and activist filmmakers with a passion for jazz. From Miles Davis to Vincent de Boer, from Sun Ra to Ornette Coleman.

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Ill Considered
Ill Considered
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