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Imagine - Career Talk William Lustig

William Lustig (64) was raised as a filmmaker in the grubby cinemas on New York’s 42nd Street. So it makes sense for the rough New York of the 70’s and 80’s to play a big part in his best films.

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The city as a bleak field of operation for the scalping psychopath (Maniac, 1980), ruthless avengers (Vigilante, 1982) and a killer in police uniform (Maniac Cop, 1988).

But on that same 42nd Street Lustig also developed a lifelong love for the (especially in those days) still obscure European genre film. After concluding his feature film career in 1996 with the satirical slasher Uncle Sam, the passionate film fan took over. Since 2002, Lustig has been CEO of dvd/blu-ray label Blue Underground, where he”s in charge of superb reissues and restorations of genre classics, including Dick Maas” Amsterdamned.


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