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2013 12 14 20 11 39

Imagine - De Toverlantaarn 1


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Laterna Magica – Fantastic stories around the magic lantern

Even before the advent of cinema, there was the magic lantern, showing fantastic stories using stationary and sometimes moving glass plates. With the arrival of film, the magic lantern faded into the background and was increasingly viewed as nothing but a curiosity. A mistake, because in 150 years the magic lantern has lost none of its magic. The aesthetics of a bygone age make the beautifully designed fantastic stories and fairy tales shine even brighter. This vintage example of fantastic film is brought back to life at Imagine, through a collaboration with magic lanternists Annet Duller and Wim Bos, and Sahand Sahebdivandi of the Amsterdam storytelling collective Mezrab. Times and cultures blend together in one unique performance.


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