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Vierhandige 4

Imagine - Four Hands (Die Vierhändige)

Oliver Kienle / DE, 2017 / 94 min.

Two sisters witness the murder of their parents. When the killers are set free twenty years later, the sisters come in conflict with each other.

Die vierhaendige german movie poster

One of them wants to continue her career, the other plots revenge. A fateful accident doesn”t put an end to the sibling dispute. On the contrary. Psychological thriller reveals itself to be the European counterpart of Brian de Palma”s early work. Cleverly constructed, magnificently photographed.

Four Hands starts out as a whirlwind of exciting events and ends up in the slightly calmer waters of the psychological thriller. Danish director Oliver Kienle plays a clever game with the viewer”s expectations, misleading his audience as brilliantly as Brian de Palma used to do. And then there”s a twist at the end that sheds new light on everything that happened before.



Oliver Kienle

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Imagine - Four Hands (Die Vierhändige)


94 min.



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