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Glass garden 01

Imagine - Glass Garden

Shin Su-won / KR, 2017 / 117 min.

Bizarre experiments to merge humans with plants turn into an unusual romance between two outcasts.

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Biologist Jaeyeon does experiments to merge humans with plants. Her neighbour, unsuccessful novelist Jihun, is ostracized after a spat with a famous author. When Jaeyeon withdraws in the woods, he follows her and starts writing a web series about her life. This becomes a big hit but also exposes Jaeyeon”s dangerous research. Bizarre experiments turn into an unusual romance between two outcasts.

Shin Su-won”s biotech romance centres around the emotions of a young woman and her enigmatic connection to nature and possibly to an ancient curse. At the same time, it is the story of two outcast souls looking for rehabilitation and finding it as their lives become entangled. While Jaeyeon”s research into photosynthesis with humans offers the possibility for all-out body horror, the director takes a different turn, focusing on the characters instead. Apart from Moon Geunyoung (A Tale of Two Sisters) as the enigmatic biologist, there is also a main role for the gorgeous photography, providing this spiritual story with a stunning backdrop.




Shin Su-won

Production year




Original title

Yuri jeong-won


117 min.



Glass garden
Glass garden 02